Our Program Description


Rhythm, Rhyme & Story Time is a local preschool music program that operates out of the Greenfield Community League, where all Edmonton and area residents are welcome. Each class holds up to 15 children between the ages of 9mo-5yrs. Though each is acquiring what is appropriate for their age, the mix allows for greater family togetherness and better social development.


These are 90 minute classes with a whole lot of fun rolled into one. The first half of our class combines singing with a wide variety of musical instruments to share and explore. We learn finger plays, rhythm movement, and dance along to various music. We then break in the middle for some social time, where we get creative with a craft. free play and a story. In the second half of class the children get the opportunity to explore different instruments from around the world, before ending things with a little paracute fun!


This program provides the perfect opportunity for fun-filled learning as you watch your child develop vocabulary, social skills, counting skills, creative thinking, listening skills, as well as large and fine motor skills. 

This is a parented program (or caregiver) that runs 3 sessions per year, 10 weeks in the Fall and Winter, and 8 weeks in the Spring. By making our program affordable, Rhythm, Rhyme & Story Time allows more families access to quality programing. 

Rhythm, Rhyme & Story Time also hosts "In School" field trips!

We bring a 30min music session to Kindergarten classes, Preschools, Daycares, Day Homes, and Seasonal Day Camps.