"In School" Field Trips

A 30 min "In School" Field Trip Includes:

  • Circle time sing along with a variety of musical instruments.
  • Let's move our body to the music!
  • Some interactive activities using our stretchy band, while learning to keep a steady beat.
  • A final dance off with, scarves, pom-poms, ribbons or bean bags.                                              

Our Preschool field trips in Edmonton and surounding areas will cost $60 for a 30 minute session. If you wish to include a craft with our visit, we  will add an additional 15 min and a cost of $10-$20 depending on class size.

If booking us on a regular bases (e.g. monthly, weekly) each session will come with a new instrument and dance prop! 

Book a Session

To better plan around my regular class times, I've made up monthly signup sheets. Please choose a time slot that best fits your schedule, then forward a quick E-mail with your specific time, location and the number of students expected. Thank you! 

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